Service Description

Send us an inquiry to discuss the problem and find solutions. We are not just solution builders but also solution providers. We might give you the best and out of the box solution to your current problem.

Our Service Is Well Suited For:-

Those startups who want to use WordPress as a base for their product or services. And need an expert team to help analyze, plan & work on their custom development on WordPress

Those businesses who are already using WordPress and need to expand the WordPress functions for the expansion of their businesses. Their requirement of expert WordPress team for analysis, planning, and execution will be fulfilled.

– To Analyse the project requirements and help you reach a feasible project specification.
– Help you plan the project by analyzing what is already available and what needs to be created.

– Developers execute the project to deliver what you actually needed.
– To test the job in development and then live environment

Businesses or startups need long term support for their projects.
– Long-term Support plans to keep your website running without fail.
– Affordable support packages

Every plugin that we develop, meets the following minimum criteria.

We sign a nondisclosure agreement with our customers to make sure that their ideas are not compromised. We never use the plugins created for our clients for our own use or to resell on them on other platforms. You will never see plugins developed by us being sold on any marketplace.

Installable & Portable:
Our plugins are installable. Install them on your website like any other premium plugin that you buy from marketplaces like code canyon. However, the installable plugins may not possible if your requirements are specific to a particular environment.

Admin Interface:
Every plugin comes with a manage panel. The management panel which matches the WordPress native interface. You can see examples of admin interface in our portfolio section below. The admin interface is as easy to operate as rest of the WordPress interfaces.

We provide detailed written and video documentation for the job to make sure that you can operate and self-manage the plugin once our job is over.

Plugin Upgrades:
The WordPress upgrades might need the plugin to be upgraded as well. Our maintenance plans ensure that our team helps you do the required upgrades needed for the latest version of the WordPress plugin.


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