How to Export Sketch to HTML

Before understanding the need to convert Sketch to HTML, it is essential to know how Sketch is better than its competitor i.e., Photoshop. The discussion about Sketch vs. Photoshop keeps raging. However, let’s find out which one is better for UI design:

  • Designers give preference to high-definition over regular displays. Sketch offers the option to resize objects. Sketch, being a vector-based graphic, does not pixelate, whereas others do.
  • Sketch allows you to create multiple artboards and work simultaneously, whereas, in PhotoShop, we can only work on a single canvas at a time.
  • The Sketch features a built-in layout grid. Sketch makes it easier to pin a transparent layout guide and changing the column.
  • The Sketch is a lighter version than PSD. This eradicates the concern of file size.
  • With the help of Sketch, logos can be designed efficiently.
  • Sketch has the upper hand on wireframes due to the availability of a UI kit.
  • The UI is also intuitive and easy to understand.
  • With these advantages, Sketch to HTML conversion forms the ideal choice for being easy to use, scalable. The Sketch is quick with a faster workflow. It also delivers better design results.

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