Service Description

We can help you with:

  • Latest version WordPress installation
  • Installation of Template theme.
  •  Setup content like the documentation provided with the theme.
  •  WordPress Migration / Change Domain / Website Transfer / Cloning.
  • Installation of plugins provided with the theme (some plugins may require license).
  • Logo and Favicon implementation
  • All default plugin included into template

We can also help with:
Migrating your website from one server to another or from one domain to another domain or create a clone of your existing website. We will make sure it works the same as in your old settings. Custom theme cannot be host in, it must be hosted in self hosting.

This service doesn’t include customization, also doesn’t include fixing bug that are already exist in the old website. For theme setup with existing content, if the new theme doesn’t have the same structure, some content may not be displayed in the new theme. For example, blog title and blog content are regular fields, they will appear in new theme.

However, if in the old theme, you have blog address or blog location – these are not common fields, hence they may not appear in the new theme (further customization is required which is outside project scope of theme setup).It also doesn’t include replacing/re-arranging demo content with your real content. If you want to keep existing content, we recommend to setup in staging website first. That way your live website is not affected during development and if something goes wrong with staging site, you still have the original live site.

If you need both migration and also wordpress theme setup, please make 2 separate orders. For migration, it doesn’t include setting up email after migration. Make sure to consult with your hosting support for moving email server.

Please note, any details that are not specifically mention in the initial brief (for example hidden layers in PSD) will be excluded from project scope and will be considered as separate project after initial project is completed. Any new instructions given after the project has been started will be considered as separate/additional follow up project. After we deliver the final result, if there are changes done not by our team yet causing error or bug, additional charge may apply to fix it.

Common Requirements

Domain Name
Host/Control Panel Login & Your Email Address(If WordPress not Installed)
FTP Login
Logo (png/psd format)
Total Theme File (including Documentation and XML)
Wordpress Login (If WordPress Installed)
Name/Link of The Theme’s Demo (If the theme has more than One Demo)
Google Login (For SEO Settings)

Briefing Details

Note: We do have some very attractive cost-saving extras above. Please feel free to reach out to us using our profile / proposal button if you are looking for something else.


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