Service Description

  • Possibility of reaching the Top #10 Results of Google Search Engine.
  • Receive highly Targeted Organic Traffic that'll be YOUR Customers.
  • Increase the visibility of your website in Search Engines.
  • Boost your Conversion Rates and Kill your Bounce Rate.
  • Efficient dealing with Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Lossless images optimization for your website homepage images (photos, products photos, images, icons, etc) for fast site loading.
  • Cache system setup on your WordPress website for extra fast loading.

What We've Got For You:
1. Auto Updating XML & HTML Sitemaps
2. Compelling Meta tags, OpenGraph tags
3. Twitter Cards Meta
4. Powerful Permalink Optimization
5. Internal linking structure (Breadcrumbs)

6. RSS feed optimization
7. Robots.txt file creation
8. Eliminating duplicate content risk
9. Image Alt Tags Setup
10. Enhanced title structure

11. Canonical link setup
12. Google Analytics setup
13. FeedBurner Setup & optimization
14. Head section cleanup
15. Other useful meta data

16. Google knowledge graph
17. Search box in Sitelinks
18. Google Search Console setup & optimization
19. Generation of XML Sitemap

Briefing Details

In order to start the work, We'll NEED following details from you.

– Newly created Or Existing Google Account Login Details.
– Primary Keyword you prefer to target.
– Brief description about your Business.

Local SEO Requirements (Only send, if you purchase Local SEO!)
– Business Type & Address
– Business phone numbers & email
– Opening Hours & Closing Hours
– Where to display the Google Map? Page or Sidebar

NOTE: You CAN create a temp WP Admin Account or Change the passwords of all 3 Login Details before sending us.

NOTE: Supply secondary email address or phone number to pass the Security Check for Google Sign In!

Common Requirements

– Domain Name
– Host/Control Panel Login & Your Email Address(If WordPress not Installed)
– FTP Login
– Logo (png/psd format)
– Total Theme File (including Documentation and XML)
– WordPress Login (If WordPress Installed)
– Name/Link of The Theme's Demo (If the theme has more than One Demo)
– Google Login (For SEO Settings)

Note: We do have some very attractive cost-saving extras above. Please feel free to reach out to us using our profile / proposal button if you are looking for something else.


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