Service Description

Website speed optimization is the process of making your website loading time and overall site performance better for users and search engines. In 2010, Google started to count website speed as a Ranking Signal.

Today, site speed is a MAJOR OnSite SEO factor that needs to be optimized well.
Having your website speed optimized with us, bring you more cooler situations than you ever thought,

Have more repeated visitors
You make their first impression counts, and they visit you again!

Lower your bounce rate
The faster your site speed, the more people stay in your site.

Have more sales & conversions
Your site engages the users Better & Faster, they become your customers sooner!

Lower your hosting fees
We make your site faster & smaller, therefore less server resources are consumed.

Have higher search rankings
Now users coming to your site are well-served, and Google puts you higher in their SERPs!

We use #2 performance testing tools including Google PageSpeed Tool and Pingdom loading time testing tool for all our projects, while using industry standard practices to optimize your website speed,

» Leverage browser caching
» Enabling GZip compression
» Enabling website caching.
» Image optimization, Scaling & Resizing.
» CSS, JS manual combining.
» HTML, CSS & JS manual minification.
» Query strings removal.
» Enabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers.
» Fixing Bad Requests & @import requests.
» Creating CSS image sprites.
» Minimizing number of total requests.
» Enabled JavaScript Defer.
» Removing unnecessary requests.
» Optimizing order of CSS & JS.

According to the most recent statistics, Internet users expect a website to load within 3 seconds. A longer loading time can lead to the user becoming disinterested and possibly moving on to another website.

1 What kind of loading time & Google PageSpeed score will I get?
We evaluate every site before working to find where we can reach for that specific site. Since every site is different, we need to check. Feel free to enquire with your site URL.

2 Will my site design or functionality affected by your work?
No! The whole point of website performance is to make it faster without affecting current functionality or design elements.

3 Exactly what do I receive when I buy your performance optimization service?
Well! overall site speed and Google PageSpeed score will be boosted to higher level. Your loading time will be decreased while PageSpeed score will be increased. Before and After performance stats are delivered with screenshots and live results.

4 What if my site breaks after you worked on my website?
Don't worry for a second, because we take Backups of every file and image we edit on your site manually. If anything goes wrong, we fix it quickly.

5 What type of sites do you accept for your optimization service?
We work mainly with WordPress websites, but can work on any self-hosted website which has FTP access.

Common Requirements

Domain Name
Host/Control Panel Login & Your Email Address(If WordPress not Installed).
FTP Login
Logo (png/psd format)
Total Theme File (including Documentation and XML).
Wordpress Login (If WordPress Installed)
Name/Link of The Theme's Demo (If the theme has more than One Demo)
Google Login (For SEO Settings)

Note: We do have some very attractive cost-saving extras above. Please feel free to reach out to us using our profile / proposal button if you are looking for something else.